Gillmore's Feed Barn


Gillmore’s Feed Barn offers a full range of quality products to meet your cat’s dietary needs from a variety of companies.  We carry products from Acana, Orijen, Lifetime, Fromm, Wellness, and others. Many of these brands are available in both wet and dry food options - catering to whatever needs your feline friend might have.

Dry food is available in sizes from 2.5kg up to 6.8kg bags, while the canned wet food is also available in smaller and larger sizes.

For those looking just to feed the cats out in the barn, we also carry a "Barn Cat" brand of food.

Because we are a small country store, we may not have your product in stock when you first drop by. Keep in mind however to let us know what brand and variety you would like us to carry for you - at the same price or cheaper than the big stores in town - and we will do our best to accommodate you!

We also carry a variety of different cat litters, including scented, unscented, clumping, and non-clumping options.
Check out the different brands we carry!

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