Gillmore's Feed Barn


During the spring and summer months, Gillmore's

Feed Barn acts a broker dealer of day-old and

ready-to-lay chickens. As well as a wide variety of

different breeds of meat birds and layer chicks, we

are also able to get other species of birds including

turkeys, geese, and ducks. 19 week old ready-

to-lay hens are also available, these chickens will

be laying eggs the day after you pick them up!

(Customer must provide a cage/box for


All of our birds originate from Bonnie's Chick

Hatchery Ltd. in Elmira, ON. The birds are

incubated and hatched there, and then delivered to

us on the specific delivery dates as listed on this

page. We are also able to provide customers with a

full line of feeds for their birds, including

medicated, non-medicated, and organic options.

We accept orders by email, over the phone, as well

as in-store!

For more information, call, email, or just drop in to see us!

Please note: Order dates can be flexible!

While the hatchery, as well as ourselves at Gillmore's Feed Barn, greatly appreciate if you can get your orders in by the posted deadlines, it can be possible to place orders after these dates. After the "order-by" dates, chicks are available on a surplus only basis - whatever is left over after other orders have gone in.

2019 Chick Order and Delivery Dates:

For pricing information, please click here

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