Gillmore's Feed Barn


Gillmore’s Feed Barn offers a full range of quality products to meet your dog’s dietary needs from a variety of companies.  We carry products from Acana, Orijen, Lifetime, Pulsar, Fromm, Blue Buffalo, and others.

Because we are a small country store, we may not have your product in stock when you first drop by. Let us know what brand and variety you would like us to carry for you - at the same price or cheaper than the big stores in town - and we will do so!

We also regularly stock other products for dogs such as Tartar Buster Bones (a great way to keep your dog's teeth clean), Nature's Dentist, Northern Biscuit treats, liver treats, and some Kong toys. 


Please note that many of the pet food brands that we carry offer frequent buyer rewards. These include Acana, Orijen, Lifetime, and Fromm, among others.

Ask in store for more details.

We recommend that customers take a look at the following website, as it provides helpful reviews on a wide variety of dog food brands. The author's method is simple, he looks at each individual ingredient that goes into a bag of food and determines whether it is beneficial or not, and then explains why:

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