Gillmore's Feed Barn

Grass and Forage Seeds

We are a distributor for the General Seed Co. of Canada, and carry a full range of forage and lawn seed at very competitive prices. If you are looking to start or over-seed your pasture or lawn, we can fill your order for a back yard or acreage.

If you find a better price on a comparable product at another store, we will meet or beat that price, guaranteed!

We also hope to soon be able to carry a basic fertilizer to help establish the luscious green lawn you're looking for.

Our basic lawn seed mixes are available in 10, 25, and 50lb bags, as well as by bulk.

For large orders, acreages, etc, please give us notice in advance so that we are able to provide you with pricing and have sufficient time to order in the product you are looking for. 

Standard Grass Seed Mixtures:

Sun & Shade Mixture: This mixture is ideal for areas that are exposed to high levels of sunlight. The composition is: Kentucky Bluegrass 40% - Creeping Red Fescue 25% - TT. Perennial Ryegrass 20% - Chewing Fescue 10% - POA Trivialis 5%.

Premium Plus Mixture: This is one of our standard mixes, useful for repairing or establishing your lawn. The composition is: Kentucky Bluegrass 40% - Creeping Red Fescue 40% - TT. Perennial Ryegrass 20%.

Traditional Lawn Mixture: This mix contains annual ryegrass, useful for quickly filling in bald spots on the lawn while the slower growing perennial grass establishes itself. The composition is: Kentucky Bluegrass 30% - Creeping Red Fescue 30% - TT. Perennial Ryegrass 20% - Annual Ryegrass 20%.

General Seed Co:

 Please note that as mentioned above, these prices are subject to change based on current seed prices - we will meet or beat the price you show us from another store.


Sun & Shade:

Premium Plus:


50 lbs bag:




25 lbs bag:




10 lbs bag:




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