Gillmore's Feed Barn


In regards to our poultry feeds, there are many different varieties and options available to our customers. We have full lines of feed for broiler-type birds, laying hens, turkeys, and waterfowl. We offer both conventional as well as organic options for all of these varieties of birds. As for the conventional feed, it is also offered in medicated or non-medicated bags, depending on the customer's preference.

We also carry things such as oyster shell, bagged limestone and diatomaceous earth for any other needs that you may have in regards to your flock.  

All of our conventional poultry feeds come from Masterfeeds, with the exception of our lay mash.

Our organic feeds are supplied by Dodds & Erwin, operating out of Perth, ON.

For those who don't know, please keep in mind that we also act as a broker-dealer of day-old chicks throughout the spring and summer months. You can place your order for meat birds, layers, waterfowl, or turkeys at our store, and they will be delivered here for you to pick up on specific dates throughout the season. Please see the Chicks page for more details.

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