Gillmore's Feed Barn


A lot of folks get their wild bird feed and supplies at Gillmore’s Feed Barn at the best prices around. We carry a wide variety of wild bird seed from a local supplier based right here in Metcalfe, Hope’s Bird Feed. There are many options available depending on your preference in terms of wild bird mixtures. Our most common mixes are Finch, Small Bird, Cardinal, and Blue Jay. Beyond that we sell individual seed types in bulk (for example straight safflower, sunflower, millet, etc) for those looking to make their own mix. Here at Gillmore's Feed Barn we also sell things like peanuts, both in and out of shell, as well as suet cakes and granola stacks of all different types. We also have a variety of bird houses and feeders. Please note we also carry miscellaneous bagged grains such as whole & cracked corn (good for wild turkeys!), wheat, etc.


During the Fall/Winter months we keep a regular stock of different products for deer. For feeding purposes, we have 25kg bags of whole or cracked corn, as well as a pre-mixed deer feed that contains corn, molasses, and other grains such as barley. The molasses works very well to attract deer, and we are also able to provide straight liquid molasses upon request.

Aside from the assortment of feeds we carry, we also regularly stock brown (or red) salt licks and blocks for deer, as well as the special holders for fastening them to trees and such.

Lastly, we have a variety of forage seeds available for planting plots for the deer to graze.These products may require orders ahead of time depending on what we have in stock.

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